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About me

Lani Espinas

I believe it is critical in the therapeutic process for the client to feel comfortable and safe with their therapist. We may not "click" with everyone we meet. Thus, I suggest to "shop around" for a therapist until you feel an element of connection with.

Therapy can be an uncomfortable process and I'm here to help my clients work through issues and to gain more enriching and satisfying interpersonal relationships. I believe relationships are so vital to our well being, which effects our moods. Asides from our relationships with others, it is important for us to gain an awareness of ourselves to continue to grow, which is a lifelong process.

I have traveled around the world, which is a passion of mine, not just to see the pure beauty that various countries offer, but to learn about different cultures, rituals, customs, and religions. Everybody is unique and I enjoy learning about people on a daily basis. I believe we are teachers to one another, no matter what the age is. In all of our relationships, we learn from. As a child, I wanted to become a travel agent so I can travel around the world, but while in college, I first took my first psychology class and found a strong interest in the class. Thus, I took more psychology classes, changed my major to psychology, and began volunteering in working with different populations while in college. A high school friend of mine said that "Lani went pro" after I graduated from graduate school and did my internship. As an adolescent, friends came to me with their problems. I never knew I would enter the field of psychology back then. I just wanted to explore and have my global adventures.

I have been in private practice since 1997 working with adolescents, families, children, couples, and adults. My experience comes from working with various cultures and settings, such as runaway and homeless shelters, battered women shelters, psychiatric hospital, group home for probation and foster youth, foster family agencies, elementary and secondary schools, drug treatment centers, and community agencies. I have been a clinical supervisor since 2001-2013 where I train and supervise interns working towards licensure. Since 2013, I have been a clinical director where I manage the mental health department. I bring my vast experience and knowledge into the therapy room. I'm experienced with program development and began a school based program and AB109, a DMH funded mental health program for adults released from prisons. There has not been a time in my life since I began graduate school where I have stopped seeing clients. I believe we all need to enjoy what we do in life and there has to be meaning to it. 

I was featured on the front page of Los Angeles Times for a family preservation program through Department of Children & Family Services in 1995.

1997-Featured in the Beach Reporrter Newspaper for a drug forum for the Manhattan Beach Educational Network

1999- Featured in the El Segundo Herald for a program at El Segundo High School

Served on the Red Cross Disaster Response Team, South Bay Critical Incident Stress Management Team, and a past board member for the South Bay Family Violence Council.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing a journey together.

Lani Espinas, MFT

Years in Practice : Since 1997


SCHOOL : Pepperdine University

Graduated : 1994

License : MFC34011

State : California

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